Monday, June 8, 2009

Banana Custard Cheesecake

6th of June 2009 was a very special occasion this year for all of us, probably even for my mum and dad in-law, because there is a new edition added to our family, my new sister in-law to be, it won't take too long to be my sister in-law.

This is specially made for my mother in-law on her birthday and also happen to be our Malaysia Kings Birthday. So today is special. It's a new cake which I found it ok for me, just that regretted to put into the restaurant fridge which happen to be our dinner spot that night, not cold enough to really put the cheesecake into the right texture to savour after our dessert.

It's a Banana Custard Cheesecake, topped with white chocolate caramel sauce plus some Blueberry blend of fondant flowers and stuff. Oh yes about how many roses and why is it 11, I'll leave for you to find out whats the meaning of 11 stalks of roses with the two special combination colours to go with.

One more happiest thing to all of us is my mother in-laws closest sisters and brother in-law, nieces, nephew and granddaughters are down to celebrate with her.

In fact this is my very first roses that teach by one of my Flickr friend by the name Asa hellgren (emelyasa) from Stockholm, Sweden, who is so kind to give me the most simplest tutorial that doesn't need a single cent and tools but hand sculpted. But to me it worth a million. Thank you very much.

Hopefully it turns out ok for some professional who happen to drop by and have a look at my work.

Oops sorry to elaborate...but all in all glad to have something presentable.
Please drop down some comment so that I can improve better.

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