Monday, December 15, 2008

My first decorated Cake

This might not look good in the first look but the outcome and feedback from my customer was over satisfying, which is really a big compliment for a first timer. This was my very first decorated Birthday cake ordered from one of my customer for her sister who came back from overseas, i don't really have much confident to do it but she really gave me alot of courage to do it right infact she pull a prank saying it's disasterous but just upon joking and i was so scared it turn out bad, after what she reveal i was just so relief that i've done it.

It's a carrot cheesecake, top with fresh cream, it tuns out looking more like an engagement cake more then a Birthday cake. Final words love the compliments and thank you my friend, if you happen to be in this site you know who i'm refering it to.

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